This Week’s Pet For Adoption – August 9, 2017

Raufoss (ROOF-us).

This week’s pet of the week is this neutered male American Bulldog mix. He is a really nice dog and is about three-years-old.

“He’s just a big baby, and he loves to play,” said dolly with the Washington County Partners for Pets. She adds that he is good around cats too, a change from some of the playful pups we’ve had here. His Nashville News Staff-Suggested-name is Raufoss (ROOF-us).

Other dogs available for adoption include ea three-year-old spayed female brown mix breed, a seven-year-old male tri-color mix breed, a nine-year-old male tan pit mix, a three-year-old neutered male brindle/white boxer/pit mix, a one-year-old female brindle pit mix, a six-month-old male black/tan German Shepard mix, a nine-month-old male liver/white pointer mix, a six-month-old male black/white pit bull, a two-year-old female black lab, a ten-year-old female black/white mix breed, a two-year-old male red ticked coonhound, a two-year-old male black/tan coonhound, a six-month-old female black/tan Newfoundland mix.

There are no cats available for adoption at this time. If you are wanting to adopt a cat, please call ahead to see if any are available.

Dog adoption fee is $30, which includes an AVID identification chip and $50 off spaying or neutering.

The shelter also accepts donations of aluminum cans to help cover costs.

All animals may be seen at