Quick Action By Okawville Police Leads To Apprehension Of Bank Robbery Suspect

Posted May 22, 2013 at 4:12 pm

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Quick Action By Okawville Police Leads To

Arrest Of Bank Robbery Suspect

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Michael Dawson

By Alex Haglund

Just after 8:30 on Wednesday, May 15, The Okawville First National Bank was robbed. The suspect, Michael Dawson, 33, of Fayetteville, left the bank with an undisclosed amount of U.S. currency, but he had precious little time to enjoy it, due to quick action on the part of law enforcement, along with some lucky timing.

“I pulled up to the post office right across from the bank,” said Okawville Police Chief Steve Millikin, “and while still in my car, I watched the guy run out the front door.”

Millikin said that he did not know the robbery was happening when he stopped at the post office, “When a guy runs out of your bank with a hood pulled up over his head and something across his chin, carrying a bag and running away from you, that’s an indication something ain’t right.”

“I got to him, and he got into his car and started to leave when I was notified about it, but it was kind of obvious,” Millikin went on.

Millikin pursued the suspect in his vehicle, a Chevy SS Monte Carlo, onto eastbound I-64. Dawson then abandoned his vehicle near the 43 mile marker and ran back westbound on the Interstate.

Following a short foot chase, Dawson was detained and arrested by Millikin at the 42.5 mile marker, who waited there with the suspect until his backup arrived.

After the arrest, Dawson was transported to the Washington County Jail. On Thursday morning, “The FBI picked him up,” said Millikin. “He’s going to be charged federally with bank robbery and he was remanded over to the U.S. Marshal Service.”

There were no injuries resulting from the robbery.

“Mr. Dawson was not armed and there were no injuries at all from the bank,” said Millikin, who added that all currency taken from the bank was recovered.

Okawville First National Bank robbery suspect Michael Dawson’s vehicle is towed from I-64 following Dawson’s arrest by Okawville Police Chief Steve Millikin.

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