It Happened Here
March 19, 2014

Posted March 19, 2014 at 9:01 pm

It Happened Here

Seventy-Five Years Ago


Washington County Board passed a resolution to quarantine all dogs due to an outbreak of rabies.

A 10-inch salamander was captured by Oren Brandis near his shop in Nashville.

Deaths: George Ellsworth Borcherding, 60, of Oakdale; Agnes Rice, 71, of Rice; Augusta Baim, 81, of Du Bois; William Auld, 85, of Oakdale; and Martin Franey, 49, of St. Louis.

Seventy Years Ago


The first cases of scarlet fever in Washington County in some time were reported in the William Brammeier family at Oakdale, the Raymond Ellerbusch family in Covington Township, and the Carnell Cunningham family in Beaucoup.

There were 8,900 registered voters in Washington County for the April primary election.

Humphrey Bogart and Mary Astor were featured in “The Maltese Falcon” at the Main Theater in Okawville.

Shoulder cuts of pork roast were 28 cents a pound and mackerel fish were 15 cents a pound.

Deaths: Elenora Wennemann, 29, of Lively Grove; Louise Kuhl, 76, of Perry County; Sarah Cash, 94, formerly of Nashville; John Pickering, 84, formerly of Elkton; William Witzel, 64, of Cravat; and Estella Dodillet, 61, of Centralia.

Sixty-Five Years Ago


Albert Maschhoff resigned as cashier at the Hoyleton bank to join the state banking department.

Coach George Havens and the Nashville High School boys basketball team became the first local cage team to qualify for the state tournament.

Deaths: Addie Stoker, 86, of Nashville; and Albert Lyons, formerly of Nashville.

Sixty Years Ago


Mayor J. K. Williamson appointed an advisory committee to make recommendations as the water level in the Nashville City Reservoir was “nearing the vanishing point.”

Two Centralia youths signed confessions to 21 burglaries including the Standard service station in Richview.

The country home of Mr. and Mrs. Anton Golick of St. Louis was completely destroyed by fire.

Voters in the Ashley High School District defeated a $75,000 bond issue to fund improvements by a vote of 317 to 291.

Wesson Oil was 35 cents a pint and Star-Kist Tuna was three cans for $1.

Deaths: Mary Troutt, 78, of Nashville; Arthur Rinne, 73, of New Minden; Laura Weinlein, 87, a native of Nashville; Fred Spear, 61, formerly of Ashley; and William Brueggeman, 86, a native of Addieville.

Fifty-Five Years Ago


The Post Office accepted an option on a piece of land on the southwest corner of Walnut and Nashville streets in Okawville to build a new post office.

A small twister struck Stone Church, damaging every building in town except the church and parsonage.

Spare ribs were 49 cents a pound and ground beef was two pounds for 89 cents.

Mary Yates, 19, of Evansville, Ind, was killed when a car carrying 12 people crashed into a concrete culvert on Route 460, west of Ashley. The 11 other occupants were injured.

Frank Schuetz, 69, of Plum Hill was killed when his 29-year-old car collided with a tractor trailer west of Nashville on Route 460 at the Okawville blacktop.

Other deaths: Oliver Gaebe, 52, of Addieville; Ellen Neuhaus, 90, of Nashville; Emma Althoff, 72, of New Minden; Charles Oppenlander, 72, of Ashley; Melvin Sandmeyer, 64, a native of Nashville; James Dempsey, 78, of Three Mile Prairie; and Julius Koelling, 68, a native of Huegely.

Fifty Years Ago


Five Southern Illinois University students were apprehended in Greenville after ramming a telephone booth in New Minden with their auto.

Elmer Diedrich was elected chairman of the Washington County Hospital Board, succeeding Jack Lane, who completed a four-year term.

Diane Reves of Nashville, a freshman at Nashville Community High School, was hurt when she was thrown from a horse while riding double with Charles Palek. Palek was not injured.

Deaths: Lydia Kleeman, 83, a native of North Prairie; William Reinhardt, 69, a native of Plum Hill Township; Sarah Krughoff of Hoyleton; Mary Ann Konkel, 81, of Du Bois; Louis Zerweck, 83, of Belleville; Enoch Dennis, 93, of Richview; Martin Funke of New Minden; Cecilia Fritz of St. Louis; Dr. William Gray, 55, of Mt. Vernon; Michael Kloczak of East St. Louis; and Otto Newcomb, 64, of Ashley.

Forty-Five Years Ago


Ralph Bartelsmeyer of Nashville was named director of the U.S. Bureau of Public Roads under President Richard Nixon.

Hoyleton and New Minden were selling 4-1/2 percent interest bearing bonds in denominations of $1,000 to finance water projects.

Alan Arkin was featured in “Inspector Clouseau” at the State Theatre in Nashville.

Loretta Dorothy Schroeder, 31, of Du Bois was killed in a two-car accident south of Ashley.

Other deaths: Albert “Smitty” Schmidt, 54, a native of Beaucoup; Anna Brammeier, 79, of Nashville; Caroline Miller, 85, a native of Venedy; Luther Bradshaw, 79, of Addieville; Alvera Schott, 50, formerly of Woodlawn; Alfred Meier, 54, a native of Okawville; Anna Hood, 78, of Coulterville; and Bernice Hasting, 55, of St. Louis.

Forty Years Ago


Five Irvington juveniles were arrested in connection with five recent Irvington area burglaries which had netted between $20,000 and $25,000.

Nashville City Council voted not to accept new gas customers outside the city limits.

Deaths: Henry Hast, 80, of Addieville; Rose Jankowski, 76, a native of Bolo Township; William Grefe, 88, of New Minden; Annie Sloat, 71, of Irvington Township; Marie Rodenberg, 56, of Swansea; Samuel Mulholland, 92, of Tilden; William Schmidt, 56, of Collinsville; and Lydia Ahrens of New Minden.

Thirty-Five Years Ago


Peabody opened its Marissa Mine, making Washington County a coal-producing county for the first time since 1965.

Nashville High School’s boys basketball team was upset by Carrier Mills, 50-48, at the super-sectional tournament in Carbondale.

A public meeting was to be held in Oakdale to discuss incorporation of the village.

Sherrie Heseman of Hoyleton and Helen Steinkamp of Oakdale were candidates for Bi-County Dairy Princess.

Deaths: Mildred Muenter, 73, formerly of Hoyleton; Sophia Prange, 82, of Ashley; Mayrene Sue Hall, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Hall of Nashville; Jessie Rice, 92, a native of Pilot Knob Township; Arthur Schumert, 80, of Belleville; William Liszewski Jr., 46, a native of Du Bois; Elizabeth Dare, 82, a native of Ashley; Charles Bahre, 92, of Coulterville; N. Jannie Knapp, 85, of Du Quoin; Helen Peper, 57, of Richview; Frank Zoeckler, 86, of Tamaroa; John Hundelt Sr., 88, of Fayetteville; Ida Mae Cairns, 93, of Coulterville; John Meese, 87, of Tamaroa; and Daniel Przygoda, 62, of Tamaroa.

Thirty Years Ago


William Richards, Waldo Boeschen, Harry Reinhardt and Carmen Droege were seeking the Republican nomination for Washington County Circuit Clerk, while John Schubert and Dr. Thomas J. Coy were vying for the Republican party’s nomination for coroner in the only two contested primary election races.

Donna Mamell, a sixth grade student at Ashley Grade School, won the statewide poster contest sponsored by the Illinois Council on Nutrition.

Charles Holtgrewe was appointed officer in charge at the Bartelso post office.

Deaths: Martha Schuessler, 89, of Okawville; Raymond Lee, 72, of Tamaroa; Albert May, 61, of Nashville; Bertha Beek, 81, of Nashville; Maude Sculley, 87, of Belleville; John Tooloose, 72, of Fredericktown, Mo.; Martin Pomeroy, 61, of Okawville; Minnie Oesterich, 92, of Centralia; Harry “Bud” Hoffman, 58, of Nashville; John Lukasik, 76, of Du Bois; Claude N. Hutchings, 77, of Nashville and Oliver Schneider, 68, of Ferrin.

Weddings: Jacqueline Hale of Carbondale and John Malinski Jr. of Du Quoin; and Susan Snead and Kurt Kessel, both of Nashville.

Twenty-Five Years Ago


Ashley City Council endorsed a proposed 45 cents per $100 assessed valuation referendum to increase the education fund at Ashley Grade School.

Christina Auld was crowned basketball queen at Nashville Grade School. Jeremy Miller was the winning captain.

Cyndi Vaughn was crowned Nashville High School FHA/FFA Sweetheart queen.

Father Edwin Arentsen, 72, of Addieville was sentenced to 60 days in jail in St. Louis in connection with a 1987 anti-abortion demonstration.

Deaths: Richard Abbie Gorman, 82, of Nashville; Joseph Kiselewski, 87, of Sesser; Norvin Rueter, 69, of Peoria; Dean Cook, 74, of Tamaroa; Emma Seering, 99, of Addieville; Ralph Hartley, 87, of Centralia; Wayne Bridges, 78, of Tamaroa; Rose Haake, 52, of Effingham; and Clarence Newcomb, 72, of Centralia.

Wedding: Jill Krum of Mt. Carroll and Douglas Clary of Nashville; and Holly Jaimet of Steeleville and Thomas Rick of Coulterville.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Guy Witt (Shawn Stanley) of Del Rio, Texas, a son; Mr. and Mrs. David Kinzel (Jeanine Botts) of St. Peters, Missouri, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Rick Buhrmeister of Shelbyville, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kramper (Connie Cramer) of Nashville, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Knapp (Elaine Galloway) of Nashville, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. David P. Bickemeyer (Janet Wernsman) of Irvington, a daughter; and Mr. and Mrs. Terry McWhorter (Denise Buhrmester) of Jacksonville, Florida, a son.

Twenty Years Ago


The five-year-old Washington County Arts Council was asking for more participation and support from area residents.

Police were investigating an attempted abduction of a 10-year-old Nashville boy.

With a losing record in the regular season, the Junior Hornettes put it all together in the play-offs and finished second to Dodds Grade School in the state tournament. The girls finished with a 9-13 record.

Tropical fish prices at Lee’s Variety ranged from 79 cents to $4.99.

Deaths: Helen Grzegorek, 72, of Ashley; Gladys Graff, 81, of Murphysboro; Albert Behrman Sr., 67, of Coulterville; Christopher Childress, newborn son of Maria Childress and Lawrence Hays; William Quisenberry Sr., 94, of Addieville; Mary “Andy” Bradford, 69, of Salem, Mo.; Pauline Sherman, 88, of Belridge, Mo.; Erwin Hake, 87, of Lombard; Judge William Fleming, 82, of Belleville; Dorothy Kruse, 70, of Rochester.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Meyer (Carolyn Hake) of Hoyleton, a son; Mr. and Mrs. David Epplin (Susan Bathon) of Cutler, a daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Greg Barton, (Margie Kabat) of Centralia, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Dave Blumhorst (Karen Konkel) of Addieville, a son; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Schroeder (Amy Reinhardt) of St. Peters, Mo., a daughter.

Fifteen Years Ago


Du Bois Center director Greg Loudon and his wife, Barb, returned from three months of missionary work in Paraguay.

Oakdale Grade School was planning to rejuvenate its playground.

A mid-March storm dropped two to three inches of snow on this area, causing several traffic accidents.

Ground beef was 77 cents a pound and strawberries were $1.88 a pound at Kroger.

Deaths: Albert Frederking, 85, of Nashville; Frank Kemnitz, 92, of Du Bois; Marion Hardyman, 90, of Mt. Vernon; Andrew Kowalski, 88, of Tamaroa; Emma McClay, 101, of Oakdale; Douglas Wynn, 29, of Tamaroa; Dora Hanke, 80, of Carlyle.

Births: Allen and Susan (Dahm) Baum of Okawville, a daughter; Angela and Jason Berry of Centralia, a son; Regina and Randall Nadolski of Scheller, a daughter; Charles and Kamie (Konkel) Heck, a son.

Ten Years Ago


Lee Borowiak said the right merchandise and excellent customer service were the keys to success as he and wife Mary Ann marked the 50th anniversary of Lee’s Variety.

The State Board of Education downgraded Nashville High School’s financial rating in light of the district’s deficit spending.

Friendship Manor Health Center held an open house at its new Alzheimer’s Unit.

Kathy Lanter, Okawville Lady Rockets coach with a record of 423-118 and two state championships, was chosen to the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

Motorist hit seven deer on county highways in the first two weeks of March.

Deaths: Ruth Temme, 87, of Nashville; Robert Cotter, 74, of Belleville; Alice Wetzel, 95, of Nashville; Linda Rohman, 99, of Okawville; Aileen Ramsey, 84, of Welge; Patricia Sears, 79, of Marshall, Alaska.

Five Years Ago


Judge Dennis Hatch informed the County Board that the Washington County Courthouse was in violation of numerous state building and security codes.

Long-time NOTS employee Steph Sabo of Nashville was named chairman of the Technology and Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Association.

The NCHS WYSE team placed second in its division at Sectional Competition.

Bill Iseminger, of the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, gave a presentation on the mounds at Nashville Public Library.

Birth: Benjamin Russell was born to Dr. Russell and Cathy Kohnen of Nashville, on March 3.

Weddings: Christy Stieg and Justin Palm were married on Oct. 11, 2008; Rhonda Bochantin and Kevin McClain were married on Sept. 20, 2008.

Deaths: Josephine Niedbalski, 87, of rural Nashville, March 13; Ronald Lamczyk, 73, of Sesser, March 15; David Hoffman, 63, of Ashley, March 13.

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